DLCWATCH, watch refinement that delivers perfection and individuality to your black Watch.

We passionately refine watches. That is why we offer the ultra-modern and scratch-proof DLC and colored coatings. It is not just the blacking of Rolex watches or other high-quality watches, it is also the individualization of pointers, lume, clock faces and bezels that we work on.We coat and individualize your watch oriented on your conception. Talk with us about what could be possible and we will gladly implement it for you. We promise you a perfect result for your dream watch. Irrespective of used or new! Whether new or vintage, we’re happy about every challenge. Because we love a individual Black Rolex Watch and of course all the other Watches too.

Of course the overhaul of a watch and the removal of older DLC or other coatings belong to our capability. We love watches just like you do, that its of course why we grant you a 2 years guarantee for our work. But of course also later we are always there for your needs about your Black Watch.



2 year long Guarantee for our Work

Prices of 1400,-€

incl.Vat, Box, Cards and a little surprise from us

Longterm Service

your Watch in save hands. Guaranteed


  • DLC-Coating
  • Handscolor
  • Lumecolor
  • Dialmodifikations
  • Bezelmodifikations
  • Clockworkmodifikations

Create your DLCWATCH

Set your personal Statement with your unique Watch. All Watchmodels by nearly any Watchbrand can be modified. Black Rolex or Black Audemar Piquet… Let it happen!

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Protection for your Watch

1 – 2 microns thick

up to 8 times harder than Rolexsteel

nickel-free through DLC

100% biocompatible